This resource covers recent human rights developments from both the Council of Europe and European Union, but also elsewhere. It reports on latest human rights case law of the European Court of Human Rights, European Court of Justice and other European human rights bodies. It reports also on recent publications, conferences and reports from this field.  Your comments and suggestions on how to improve this blog are more than welcome! This page is written by Jernej Letnar Černič.

Jernej is Associate Professor of Human Rights Law at the Graduate School of Government and European Studies and Senior Research Fellow at the University Institute of European Studies – IUSE (Turin, Italy). He graduated from University of Ljubljana with the France Prešeren award. He completed his Ph.D. in Human Rights Law in 2009 at the University of Aberdeen. He holds Diploma in Human Rights Law from the European University Institute and Diplome de droit international et de Droit compare des Droits de l’Homme (merit) from René Cassin Institut International des droits de l’homme.  He serves on the management board of the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency. Jernej has worked in the European Ombudsman’s Office, the Superior Court of the Republic of Slovenia, the International Criminal Court, University of Aberdeen, University of Lund, New York University and European University Institute. He has been a principal researcher on three recent research projects, namely: ARRS project “Corporate human rights obligations under socioeconomic rights” (2013-2015), Jean Monnet project “Charter of Fundamental Rights and the European Integration Contex” (2012-2015) and bilateral Slovenian Croatian ARRS project (2014-2015). He was in the past a board member of the international research project, GLOTHRO, funded by the European Science Foundation (2010-2014). He has written extensively on human rights law and international law. Jernej has published articles on human rights, public international law, international criminal law, corporate and investment law, criminal law and European law in Slovenian, English, Italian, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish language. His works have been cited in reports by the United Nations, European Parliament and the Council of Europe and in academic studies from around the world.

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