Selected publications (Jernej Letnar Černič) :

Books :

Jernej Letnar Černič et al., Slovenija pred Evropskim sodiščem za človekove pravice : (1994-2016), Fakulteta za državne in evropske študije, 2017.

Nevidne reči : vtisi in razmišljanja o kolumbijski družbi – 1. izd. – Ljubljana : IDH, 2016.

Human rights and business : direct corporate accountability for human rights (Oisterwijk, Wolf Legal Publishers, 2015, co-edited with Tara Van Ho)

Making Sovereign Financing and Human Rights Work (Oxford, Hart, 2014, co-edited with Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky);

Peter Jambrek, Jernej Letnar Černič, Theory of Rights and Fundamental Freedoms – Behavioral, Social and Normative Approaches (Nova Gorica, Brdo pri Kranju, 2014);

Evropska Slovenija, Ljubljana: Inštitut Nove revije, 2013 (co-edited with Matej Avbelj, Gašper Dovžan and Miha Movrin);

Book chapters :

Jernej Letnar Černič, Corrporate accountability for human rights : from a top-down to a bottom-up approach. in: Jena Martn, Karen E. Bravo (eds.). The business and human rights landscape : moving forward, looking back. New York: Cambridge University Press, cop. 2015, pp. 193-218.

Jan Zobec, Jernej Letnar Černič, The remains of the authoritarian mentality within the Slovene judiciary. in: Michal Bobek (ed.). Central European judges under the European influence : the transformative power of the EU revisited, (EU law in the member states, vol. 2). Oxford; Portland: Hart, 2015, str. 125-148.

Jernej Letnar Černič, Corporate responsibility for human rights : towards a pluralist approach. in: Wouter Vandenhole (ed.). Challenging territoriality in human rights law : building blocks for a plural and diverse duty-bearer regime, (Routledge research in human rights law). New York: Routledge, 2015, pp. 69-111.

Jernej Letnar Černič, Democracy as trump card? Combating hate speech in pluralistic societies, in Dorota Gozdecka, Magdalena Kmak (eds), Europe at the Edge of Pluralism: Legal Conundrums of Accommodating Diversity in Europe, Intersentia (forthcoming 2015)

Jernej Letnar Černič, Obligaciones de las empresas en el marco del derecho humano al medio ambiente sano y al agua. In: Francisco J. Zamora (ur.). La responsabilidad de las multinacionales por violaciones de derechos humanos. Madrid: Universidad de Alcalá, 2013, pp. 193-214;

Jernej Letnar Černič, Il quadro normativo per il settore delle energie rinnovabili in Slovenia. in: La regolamentazione della produzione di energie rinnovabili nella prospettiva dello sviluppo sostenibile : sistemi giuridici comparati, dal livello sovrastatale al locale, (Dipartimento di scienze giuridiche, Università di Trento, 110). [Padova]: CEDAM, 2013, pp. 315-332

Articles :

Jernej Letnar Černič, The European Court of Human Rights, Rule of Law and Socio-Economic Rights in Times of Crises, Hague Journal on the Rule of Law, 2016, 8(2), 227-247.

Jernej Letnar Černič, Towards a Holistic Approach to Business and Human Rights in the European Union, Human Rights and International Legal Discourse (2006, 1, pp. 162-182).

Gentian Zyberi and Jernej Letnar Černič,  Transitional Justice Processes and Reconciliation in the Former Yugoslavia: Challenges and Prospects, Nordic Journal of Human Rights, Volume 33, Issue 2, 2015, pp. 132-157.

Jernej Letnar Černič, A Glass Half Empty? Execution of Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Central and Eastern Europe, Baltic Yearbook of International Law (2015), vo. 15, pp. 285-302.

Jernej Letnar Černič, State obligations concerning indigenous people’s rights to their ancestral lands : lex imperfecta?; American University international law review, 2013, vol. 28, no. 4, pp. 1129-1171.

Jernej Letnar Černič, Business and human rights after Kiobel. Dignitas – Slovene Journal of Human Rights, ISSN 1408-9653, 2013, 59/60, str. 445-453.

Jernej Letnar Černič, Fair trial guarantees before the court of arbitration for sport. Hum. Rights Int. Legal Discourse, 2012, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 259-283.

Jernej Letnar Černič, Corporate obligations under the right to a healthy living environment. Danube, ISSN 1804-6746. [Printed ed.], 2012, 3, pp. 21-42.

Jernej Letnar Černič, Shaping the spiderweb : towards the concept of joint commission through another person under the Rome statute and jurisprudence of the International criminal court. Criminal law forum, ISSN 1046-8374. [Print ed.], 2011, vol. 22, no. 4, pp. 539-565.

Jernej Letnar Černič, Corporate obligations under the human right to water. Denver journal of international law and policy, ISSN 0196-2035, spring 2011, vol. 39, no. 2, [p.] 303-345.

Jernej Letnar Černič, Od izvorov človekovih pravic k njihovemu uresničevanju. Phainomena, ISSN 1318-3362, 2011, letn. 20, no. 76/77/78, pp. 279-291.

Jernej Letnar Černič, Corporate human rights obligations under stabilization clauses. German law journal, ISSN 2071-8322, 2010, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 210-229.

Jernej Letnar Černič, Two steps forward, one step back : the report by the UN special representative on business and human rights. German law journal, ISSN 2071-8322, 2010, vol. 11, no. 11, pp. 1264-1280.

Larissa van Herik Jernej Letnar Černič, Regulating corporations under international law : from human rights to international criminal law and back again. Journal of international criminal justice, ISSN 1478-1387, jul. 2010, vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 725-743.

Jernej Letnar Černič, Fundamental guarantees in armed conflict in the Slovenian context: lessons learnt?. Slovenian law review, ISSN 1581-9531, dec. 2009, vol. 6, no. 1/2, pp. 205-224.

Jernej Letnar Černič, National security and expulsion to a risk of torture. The Edinburgh law review, ISSN 1364-9809, 2008, vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 429-434

Jernej Letnar Černič. Case concerning the application of the convention on the prevention of the crime of genocide (Bosnia and Herzegovinia v. Serbia and Montenegro) : catching the conscience of the judges. Australian international law journal, ISSN 1325-5029, 2007, vol. 14, pp. 225-261.

Matej Avbelj, Jernej Letnar Černič, The conundrum of the Piran Bay : Slovenia v. Croatia – the case of maritime delimitation. The University of Pennsylvania journal of international law & policy, 2007, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 1-18.

Jernej Letnar Černič, Freedom of press in the European context : Klein v. Slovakia. The Edinburgh law review, ISSN 1364-9809, sept. 2007, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 444-446.

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