ECHR in Croatia and Slovenia

Akademski forum_dec2014_SI-HR-1-2Jean Monnet Academic Forum took place last week at the Graduate School of Government and European Studies at Brdo pri Kranju on the topic of implementation of the European  Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Slovenia and Croatia (with Goranka Lalić Novak and Vedran Đulabić as guests). The Forum was convened within the bilateral Slovenian-Croatian research project on the implementation of the ECHR in the Croatian and Slovenian legal order in terms of both procedural and substantive human rights. Both countries have faced difficulties in implementing ECHR and executing Court’s judgments. The bilateral project investigates if and how Croatian and Slovenian administrative and judicial authorities apply the ECHR. It identifies if the Croatian and Slovenian Constitutional Courts in their decisions apply and refer to the European Convention and the European Court of Human Rights. This research project focuses also on the question of what added value the ECHR provides for the constitutional protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the Croatian and Slovenian legal order.

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