Monday’s readings

Jeff Maysh, The code: A Declassified and Unbelievable Hostage Rescue Story.  How the Colombian army sent a hidden message to hostages… using a pop song. The Verge, 7 January 2015.

Carlos Betriu, ¿Por qué necesita leer mis correos una aplicación de móvil?”, El Pais, 13 February 2015.

Anglel L Martinez Cantera, El negocio de las parejas mixtas de Tailandia, El Pais, 13 February 2015.

Damir Globočnik, Prvi junak slovenskega stripa, Pogledi, 15 Feburary 2015.

Catherine Barnard, Opinion 2/13 on EU accession to the ECHR: looking for the silver lining,  EU Law Analysis, 16 February 2015.

Embedding fundamental rights in the security agenda, FRA, February 2015.

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